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Powerful and robust air motors

Installation and connection conditions of air motors

The construction of air motors is small and compact, but nevertheless they are very powerful and resistant to stalling.
The supply air line is big enough to ensure the activation of the air motor. All given performance characteristics refer to 6 bar operation pressure.
It depends on the motor type and the pre-load, at which time the motor starts. In general, starting is possible already at 1 bar. A safe operating on attempt is guaranteed above approx. 2,5 bar. Therefore only one single type of air motor can cover a broad speed range.

The exhaust air of the motors can be throttled by a silencer or conducted away by a hose. An exhaust air de-lubricator, which is available as accessory, reduces severely the noise level of the exhaust area and filters also the lubricants of the exhaust air.

Reversible air motors, which can be used for counter-clockwise as well as for clockwise operations, are fitted with two supply air lines. The supply air line, which isn’t under pressure, has to be vented sufficiently, because approx. 20% of the exhaust air will be conducted by this supply air line. If this ventilation won’t be realized, the air motor will be throttled or it wouldn’t start at the worst.

The supply air line has to be big enough. At a hose diameter as it is given in the operating instruction the operating pressure decreases approx. 1 bar at a hose length of 4 m. When the hose is longer than 4 m, the hose diameter has to be enlarged to offset the pressure drop. On this measure the flow pressure with the help of a pressure reducer directly at the supply air inlet of the air motor determine whether the power loss is due to a insufficient operating pressure. In this case please enlarge the air supply hose diameters.