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Air motors

Air motors with high torque

Models: MUB, MRD and MUD

The air motors of these product range with high torques are standard motors which are fitted with an additional reduction gear. In this way a high torque at low rotation speed can be reached. These air motors have the same air consumption level like the standard motors. The built in reduction gears are extremelyrobust and tough, have a high torque and can be used until stalling (maximum torque).

Stainless steel air motors

The food, medical or chemical industry prefer stainless steel air motors to drive, cut, stir or mix, because they are robust against aggressive detergents or corrosive air. The exterior parts are made of premium stainless steel and the integrated special sealing prevents the ingress of particle of dirt and water. The stainless steel motors are especially made for applications in humid or dusty enviroments. Ask us for special solutions for the use in areas with meat.

Oil-free air motors

For example the air motor types MRD 25, NRD 38, MUD 16 and MUD 23 can be deliver as an oil-free version.With these air motors it is possible that the free speed of the air motor decreases, depending on the running time, under conditions of absolutely dry air and without any use of oil. The functionality of the air motor won't be influenced if the compressed air contains oil. Whereas lubricating leads to a considerably increased lifetime. In case of shift operation or continous operation it makes sense to choose an oil-free motor and to lubricate it.

Oil traps for lubricated air motors

When the air motor is conducted with oil, it can rech a maximum lifetime. Whereveroil dust is not required but there's also no possibilty to install a long exhaust air tube, we recommend to attach an oil trap to the motor. This oil trap collects the oil in the exhaust air which is guided into it (oil filtration up to 99%). Only cleaned air is left. Depending on the installation a noise level reduction up to 30 db(A) can be reached (see accessories).

Noise reduction of air motors

We minimize the mechanical noise of a running air motor. The main reason for the noise level is the expanding exhaust air.
To reach a lower noise level dB(A) a silencer can be integrated in the exhaust air threaded hole of the models MRD and MUD. The noise reduction of the air motor models MR and MU is realized by a sintered plate.
The noise level of the air motors (0,11 – 1,2 kW) is at an average of  77 dB(A). Depending on the requirements (e.g. in laboratories) it is possible to reduce this value to 60 dB(A) by special housing solutions.

Speed throttle for air motors

Air motor types MRD and MUD
Whenever the torque given in the technical data is requested but the speed have to be reduced the installation of a speed throttle is recommended. The throttle is attached to the exhaust air opening of the models MxDx. The speed throttle offers noise reduction as well as a throttle valve.